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Instagram love//NSS

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Having serious FOMO feelings about NSS 2015. It's been a long time to dream to attend NSS and every year I tell myself I'm going to go and every year it never works out. 

Until then, I'll just have to live it through my IG feed. Here are some of my favorites. 

Yellow Owl Workshop has been a long time favorite and it looks as though they've done something a bit fresher this year. It almost reminds me of flipping through the pages of Mike Perry's books. 

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG love | NSS

Loving the overlapping of vivid colors. The way 2 colors are layered to produce another color is a technique on my list of things to try. Too cool. 

Oh Heiday is a new one for me. Really loving her prints and color palette. 

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG Love | NSS

Another new for me is Paula & Waffle. I first noticed her mailer on another IG account and fell in love with her sweet illustrations. 

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG Love  | NSS

Idlewild Co's booth looked amazing! I love that raw wood with the mixed frames + prints. Wish I could have seen in IRL.

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS

My last pick is Hello Lucky. I've always been drawn to their greeting card style, such happy colors and illustrations!

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG Love | NSS

So many pretty and inspiring things! I could post many more but I leave it at this for now. :)

Yellow Owl Workshop   Blog | Instagram
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Portland 2015 | Almost there!

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LLP blog | PDX 2015 album

I know, Portland this and Portland that. I'm fully aware of my obsession with this city. It's become my home away from home. :) 

I'm about 90% done with documenting my trip with Kelly and Jamaica. It's taken some time but it's been fun to look at all my photos and reminisce. Isn't that one of the better parts of putting together a travel album? 

So here is what I have done so far. I will also note that I loosely stuck to the order of days but I didn't stress over it. It was all about the feel and grouping of photos. I also haven't done a lot of journaling since I did most of that in my travel journal. 

LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album

Sometimes after I photograph a layout, I either want to add something or change it completely. I've been wanting to paint a map of the area we explored…I think that pink paper will be perfect for that. 

LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
PDX 2015_8.jpg
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album

Same with this page. I liked the plain patterned paper but now it looks a little too plain for me. I may add in something and make a layout.

LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album
LLP blog | Portland 2015 album

week end 20

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LLP blog | week end 20

I've been complaining about jury duty for the past few weeks on my Instagram feed and I'm happy to report that it's finally O V E R. It was strange waking up the day after knowing I didn't have to rush off during morning traffic, something I haven't experienced in a few years. 

Jury duty wasn't a terrible experience. It ended up being somewhat interesting and I'm now more familiar with the law than before. I'm not one who watches a lot of these criminal minded shows like the other jurors who would make a point of saying "I've seen that on tv." I was more interested in the attorneys presenting their cases, especially since I just finished the Daredevil series. 

Now it's back to the good ol' list of projects and work and let's not forget the laundry! My husband, the sweet guy that he is, managed 1 load, unfolded of course. I'm also going through yet another blog overhaul if you haven't noticed. Fingers crossed I'll have everything situated in the next month now that I figured out how to organize my posts and get my galleries up. Yipee! This was a huge lightbulb moment for me people. 

One last thing. Is anyone interested in the week end series being turned into something more? Maybe like a digital template? Maybe some printables?

Happy weekend.

Instagram love//flowers

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Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.49.22 AM.png

I often get lost in feeds that feature beautiful flowers. I remember after a good 10 minutes of admiring Floretflowers, telling my husband that I wanted to sell everything we had, move to Oregon and start a flower farm. But let's be real. I love flowers, I'm not sure I would love the reality of farming flowers. 

I once worked a summer at a local greenhouse. It was exhausting, even at the age of 21 and I don't think I was ever able to get the dirt out from under my nails but hey, I can say that I learned how to drive a skid loader! The point being that it's physically hard and you've got to be well educated on the science of growing healthy flowers not to mention the passion.   

LLP blog | Instagram love | FLORETFLOWER

Erin Benzakein of Floret seems to have it down. Look at those beauties! If you love flowers as much as I do, you must tour her Instgram feed. You can thank me later. :) 

During my last trip to Portland and after a delicious brunch at Tasty 'n Alder, we strolled down Alder street to visit some must see shops, one of them being Adler and Co. I was delighted to see a new section filled with blooms. The anemones is what I really zoomed in on since they're pretty rare to see in Anchorage. This section of Alder & Co is actually run by Hilary Horvath flowers

LLP blog | Instagram Love | Hilary Horvath Flowers

I purchased a few stems to take back to our Ace hotel room and was completely smitten by this independent florist. I also noted that her shop wasn't that far off from my mom's small convenient store and that I would give Hilary Horvarth Flowers a try this year for mother's day. I'm so glad I did….my mom was extremely pleased with her bountiful arrangement. I spent that same amount I did last mother's day with an generic online florist but the arrangements were not at all the same. She included coral peonies and mary milton's, the arrangement was gorgeous and I wish I was there to photograph it and be with my mom of course. :) 

LLP blog | Instagram Love | Hilary Horvath Flowers


I have no affiliation to HH Flowers, just a happy customer, one who now is going to reach out to local florists rather than the big box generic online florist. 


Floret Flowers Instagram | Blog
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Minted Photography Challenge

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LLP blog | Minted Photography Challenge

( warning, shameless self promo ahead) :)

Hey guys! I've got a couple of entries in the Minted Photography Challenge and would really love and appreciate your vote on 1 or all 3 of my photos! 

This year, my goal is to explore my strengths and weed out my weaknesses creatively. I'm really trying to grow and do as much as possible. I've always wanted to enter these type of challenges but chicken out in the end or come up with a lame excuse to not enter. 

To see my art and photography blown up and hung in someones home would be such a dream. So please, if you have a moment, you can put in your vote here….



Instagram love//the doers

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Instagram has changed so many things, like where I draw inspiration from and my blogging routine which is nonexistent at this point. 

So many times, I've come across an IG photo that makes me say "yes! I'm ready to take on the day!" or "I've got this" or "yeah, this is pretty amazing…now go make something". 

I'm dedicating today's Instagram Love to the doers. There are many I follow but I'm going to start out small and pick two of my favorite photos from last week. 

LLP blog | IG Love | @nicolereaves

Setting goals is a surefire way to get to where you need/want to be. I came across Nicole Reaves' photo and was blown away by her handmade list. In fact, I want one for myself. I don't know if I could or want to make 50 layouts but damn, she does and she's going after that goal by tracking it ever 

so creatively. I'm totally going to bite off her little bingo style way of tracking. Genius Nicole, effing genius. (can you please make a digi version, pretty please???)

So Nicole being my go getter inspiration, Natalie Mutrux is my artistic, "go f*cking make something" inspiration. 

LLP blog | Instagram Love | @nattymutrux

Check out these sweet itty bitty collages. She produces a collage each day for 100 days and she uses this hashtag, #doitfortheprocess. Man, I love that SO much. I'm a huge fan of the process but she actually finishes and I want to get there myself. Each night I do something creative (away from my computer) but to actually finish something is a bit of a reach. So heres to Natalie for creating (and finishing) a beautiful collage each day. 

Nicole Reaves  Blog | Instagram
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