hi's and lo's.

-feeling the usual Monday blues- low
-spilling coffee directly on my crotch-low
-not giving a damn about it-hi
-knowing that time only goes forward-hi
-finding out there's a family of unwanted critters residing in our garage-serious low. We spent a good part of the weekend in operation:kill mice and we're up 2-serious hi.
-having to throw away an altered book from a round robin I did years ago because the pages were used as a nest0-low, very very low.
-having a clean garage-hi
-forgetting my Monday soundtract I burned to get me through my day-lo
-pandora radio to the rescue-hi
-craving the songs on my youth, listening to Aaliyah, 311, Fugees-hi

1. <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/77346902@N00/349304940/">Bravo's Work Out</a>, 2. <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/74526606@N00/425442726/">Healthy Eating</a>, 3. <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/19112945@N00/485502452/">#203:  working out</a>, 4. <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/7396767@N05/1270625231/">Working out</a>

-realizing how unhappy I am with my weight-hi and lo. If I can quit smoking cold turkey, I can lose this extra 20lbs I've been carrying for the past year. Time to take a bite out of this muffin top. Watching Work Out on Bravo and seeing them run around in tight, white pants and look damn good motivates me-hi
-after eating well my first day of operation:muffin top, I come into work this morning to see the candy bowl has been filled with an obscene amount of chocolate-lo. But, like I mentioned above, if I can turn down a cig, I can turn down chocolate.-hi

Yeah, lot's of missions going on, the big one, operation:get your shit together is a combination of it all. Hi's are great but knowing that the lo's are fixable is even better.
Today, operation:positive monday.