I really am lately. I open up the comment section and my mind goes blank. And because J wants to hang, I'm going to make this a quick one.

That something something I've been working on:
Mosaic5463811 Detroit lost. poo.
A scare followed by a hospital visit. T fell on her pregger belly thinking her little one was being attacked by a puppy. The kid was fine, attacked by kisses, mom's good too. All tests came back ok. The majority of my Saturday was spent in bed and room 405 at Providence Hospital.
Sunday was spent in pj's. Oh wait, I did get dressed in the morn to do a quick food/coffee run with the old dog. Then I came home and slipped back into my pj's. super, super Sunday.
Today: sucked. Monday's. always. suck. I am that person in the office that has her grumpy boots laced up really tight in the beginning of the week and by end, I'm in flip flops.
Now, I'm catching up on dvr'd stuff.

I did update my Studio Calico gallery on the side over there-------->
I really need to do a big blog update, maybe change the banner, add a few links, take a few away. Who knows. Maybe I'll even throw in a mid-year, blog clean up give away. ;)