do work.

What the heck happened to the weekend? It goes by way too fast. And now I'm back here, behind a desk, updating my blog and getting ready for the work day. Tomorrow I am taking off but not for fun. I've got a date with a dentist and I'm so not looking foward to it. The shot in the mouth, that's what makes me squirm...oh man.
So my itty bitty short weekend consisted of:
*staying up way past my bedtime Friday night scrapping. Yes, scrapping. I'm a dork.
*Saturday J and I went shopping for some new clothes. I intended to just get him some new clothes but ended up scoring a few things for myself. I *heart* Old Navy. I love how I can walk out of that store with 5-6 items and only spend $50. Love it.
*came home later that day with Starbucks in hand and watched the marathon of DEA on Spiketv. Love that show, love those guys.
*laundry, laundry, and oh yeah...more laundry on Sunday.
*added 20mins on the treadmill.
*and lot's more scrapping. The July kit is so very lovely. I know, I say that every month but they are just awesome every month, no?

Here's a little collage of pics from last weekend at the zoo and current sp's.

And only 2 sneeky peekies. I have more but forgot to upload them before coming to work-


That's it for me folks! Time to do work-