a new toy.

Meet Argus, my new toy. Found at a local antique shop last week, I hesitated buying it until today. I went back to said antique store thinking if it was still there, it was meant to be.....kismet. Being the most terrible haggler ever, I was only able to talk the nice lady down 4 bucks. I could of found it cheaper on ebay but who wants to deal with the shipping and wondering if the the sellers a flake...yadayadayada...so it's safely home with me now, all cleaned up and ready for some ttv action. I quickly constructed a light blocker thingie and shot a few things around me.
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I'm so in love with him. I foresee lot's of adventures around Anchorage with Argus. I'm sure I'll get a few stares as the light blocker contraption is not a pretty one. Hopefully I'll have more to share soon.
I did get my film back from my first go with the Diana+. She, unlike Argus was a a little more sketchy. Out of the 12 shots I took, 1 came back half-way decent. And it wasn't cheap to get them developed. I'm not going give up on her though.

Other than my happy purchase, not much else to report. I'm only on chapter 12 of Breaking Dawn so I've been avoiding certain online spots. No spoilers please. I'm taking my time with this one only because other things like a serious house cleaning were on the top of my to-do list this weekend. I still didn't get half of what I wanted to get done around here. And  I know you're dying to chat about it Vee, I know.....I'll try to get it done by the weekend, maybe. :)

Oh and here's my very first Dare as a Dare.
#102:Nisa's digi. Her little template was cool..made for a quick layout. I freaked a bit when digi was mentioned but this I could handle.

Off to get a little reading in before I hit my pillow hard and pass out.