I survived!

I'm always a little pleased with myself when I survive yet another hellish work week. No heads bitten off, no overwhelming feeling to join the smokers. Just coasted through countless tasks and to-do's. *sigh*

No huge plans for the weekend. Just the norm. I was going to venture out at lunch today and take some ttv shots but being the bone-head that I am, I forgot my friggin' memory card. ah well. I should have a back up but too cheap to buy one.

And because I'm a good sis/friend, I'm taking my girl to see the traveling pants sisterhood whatev movie tomorrow. I'm not huge on extreme chick flicks but I'll suck it up and enjoy it. She's in dire need of some adult time since the birth of her second. I swear, she's the only one I would sacrifice such things for.


Currently pursuing some things that I've pondered for quite some time now like opening up my own Etsy store. Should have her up and stocked with goods by the end of this month. Also pursuing possible promotion at work. Possibly. There's been talk of me moving up several times in the past few years but nothings happened. Still busting ass as if it happening though. The joys of working for a small company.

New Dareskys up. #104 KC dig. Lovely stuff to work with.

Enjoy the weekend!