you bought me dillon mckays car?

It's a beautiful day here in the ak. Cold, clear blue skies, white trees.
I cannot wait until I turn off my computer, tuck in my chair and bail out of this office.
Had a much needed girls night last night.
I truly am blessed to have a certain girl in my life that can turn sh*t into something wonderful
like..I don't know....something other than sh*t.
We met up with a couple of other girls who I adored and look forward to meeting up with again.
Their good vibes totally rubbed off on me and I sit here now with a smile on my face instead
of the b*tchy scowl I've been wearing all week.
When things look brighter the day after, I say girls night did the job.
And I was only the tunes tiniest bit hung over but the Piadini at the bucks helped calm
my tummy followed by a few advil.
Funny, I almost flaked just to watch thursday night tv and scrap. Lamo. I do this
every night. So as of now, I vow to make time to hang out with said girls who make me
feel like a twenty-something again and who are so cute, they score us free drinks and who
are smart so convos are entertaining and not make me want to punch myself in the face.

As much as I hate to admit this, I'm so looking forward to catching up on missed shows tonight while
snuggled comfortably on the couch with J and butters and the old bear most likely with a hot cocoa in one hand that contains more marshmallow than cocoa and new magazines in the other. This along
with some scrap time, is my ideal friday night.

Before I end this post, I want to wish Vee the bestest birthday ever. Wish I was there to help celebrate!
And a new Dare is up, one in which KC actually participated in. Amazing, no?

Enjoy the weekend.