trick or treat?

First...a treat. The winner of the Studio Calico add on is.........................................
nov kit looks fabulous! I love giveaways!
Congrats! Please email your mailing address to Yay!

Now a trick in the form of a Dare.
Really like this weeks dare. All about using the covers of magazines or creating your own. I'm not going to lie, I have been known to judge a book by it's cover. Same goes with mags. If it catches my eye, I'll thumb through it to see if it's worth taking home or just a quick read at the bookstore. And I know you're just loving my rocking folksy dress. ha!

How awesome is it that Halloween fell on a Friday this year? J and I bowed out of a couple of parties. Just wasn't feeling it this year. We'll probably hook up with some friends and go trick or treating with their kiddos. Then head home with to watch some scary movies and crack open a bottle of wine. Halloween perfection for us. How 'bout you? Any plans? Are you dressed up at work today?

TV was so good last night. The beginning of Office had me laughing so hard. I <3 Creed as the Joker. Too good. And I'm so very happy 30 Rock is back on. I'm trying to like Kath & Kim because I love Molly Shannon and John Micheal Higgins but the Selma Blair character annoys the s out of me.

Not much else happening on my side of the planet. I am working on getting some holiday stuff prepared for the shop so be on the lookout for that :) Also thinking of taking up the all mighty Ali Edward's December Daily booklet. I started gathering some things for that. I did this last year but never bound the book together.**note to self, get your s together and finish what you started**

Happy Halloween folks! Be safe and try not to OD on the sweets. ;)