a weeks worth.

Monday & Tuesday spent voting, heated political discussions that were more racial than political, seeing through the fakeness of some and the truth in others, and planning some anniversary festivities which includes yummy breakfast at Snowcity Cafe, thanks to Ronalyn and her glowing review of the place.


Celebrated 9 years of marital blissan ever growing companionship with my truest. I can't say my marriage is perfect but it's pretty damn close. Jeff and I have been through a lot. He was the stability I needed in my life when we started "going steady" back in highschool. The odds were against us but we pulled through. He is my best friend and as cliche as it sounds, I believe he is my soulmate. I remember that first day after our "will you go out with me" phone call. We met up in "blue hall", locked hands and that was it. I felt as though I had already known him and I've never felt more comfortable with anyone at that point. We've already begun to plan out our 10 year ann. Europe is first on my list but we also thought it would be fun to do a road trip across the U.S. We're actually leaning more towards that idea.

Thursday was like a Monday since I had taken Wednesday off. One word is stuck in my mind. Something Obama had mentioned about sacrificing. SACRIFICE. This is something I need to realize and follow through on. I'm so use to getting what I want. Let me clarify so I don't come off sounding like a spoiled brat. I see a pair of shoes that I feel as though life will end if I don't buy them so I buy them. But I really can't afford them in the sense that I have bills to pay or that the extra funds would be much more attractive in my savings account rather than on my feet. So I'm going to go along with the change and sacrifice to better my future. This is going to take A LOT of will power on my end but I have sacrificed other things and there's no reason I can't do this now. Mind over matter.

Friday is spent pondering weekend activities. I was invited to a friend of a friends birthday party that I think I'll pass on due to feeling too old for the college crowd that will be attending. If I went that would mean giving up my spot on the couch next to J and missing movie night. Call me lame but that's much more fulfilling to me. Will also be doing a bit of scrapping, picture taking, and Christmas organizing. I know, I know. Christmas talk already. But this will be the year I actually get an early start like I say I'm going to do every year. I will not be combat shopping 2 weeks before Christmas. I refuse to subject myself to such terror. I want to enjoy this holiday to the fullest. Mark my words.

Have a great weekend.