a week of favorites.

Good morning.
I will start off by stating the obvious...it's Sunday. My very favorite day of the week. It's my day, my day to do everything I wanted to do all week but couldn't because of work, time with friends or family, everyday errands and all the other things that keep me away from the things I put down in my personal to do list. Here's my typical Sunday:

very early morning grocery shopping. I like doing this because I hate grocery shopping period.This stems from my past job as a sales rep who would stock certain items in said grocery store. Going early ensures empty isles and no waiting at the checkouts.
The old bear goes with. She loves her Sunday morning ride. We go through the Starbucks drive thru for venti vanilla latte and a mini dog treat.
Sometimes I drop off an energy drink for my man and his coworkers. I hate that these guys work on a day that's meant for rest and relaxation.
I take the scenic route home so the dog can stick her head out of the window and enjoy the very cold wind in her fur.
After getting home, it's still early in the morning. I don't leave the house after this little trip. I refuse to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I blog, like I'm doing now, catch up on other blogs, catch up on emails, make a phone call or 2 to long distance family members. There's also a little cleaning. A clean house makes for a calm Tina. Now I can enjoy taking some photographs because at this point the sun is finally up and I've got to full advantage of the tiny amount of daylight there is right now. A little scrapbooking while either listening to music or catching up on Grey's. Poking around in the craft room and finding unfinished projects. Arrange the flowers I brought home.
Putzing around the house with a pot of coffee on the burner. That is my ideal Sunday. It's my day.

This week I'm going to challenge myself and try to blog everyday with my favorite things/wish list. I have also chosen a winner for the print I mentioned in my past post. I will announce that person tomorrow. Sorry, you just have to wait a little longer! :) I'm also going to give you all another chance to win another print. Tell me what your ideal Sunday in tales or if there's a different day you consider your favorite. I'll choose a winner before my next post tomorrow. 

Happy Sunday,