a week of favorites continued. mosaic monday.

I'm nuts about Flickr, that's a given. I probably spend more time there than anywhere else on the web.
Why? Well, here's a reason:
Mosaic571433  1. Tiny Deer by Missamyo 2. Christmas Bokeh by *andrea
  3. Guess What Today Is by Buttons Magee 4. Sparkle by mainemomma2007
  5. Spin. Darken by mainemomma2007 6. Go Red by toomuchcoffeegirl

My top 6 favorite photos right now from a few of my favorite flickr friends.
I find Flickr really inspirational. I love peeking into the souls of others through their photographs. There's something very personal about this art form that draws me in. It's a little voyeuristic, a lot of curiosity and I feel each photograph represent a piece of that person. I love that. I think that is the main reason why I love photography.
This also leads me to be honest and admit something that has been talked about through the scrapbooking community in the past. I could probably be viewed as the young woman who bought herself a fancy digital camera and now considers herself a photographer. I'm not going to take offense to that.
First, I don't call myself a professional photographer and would never try to pull off portrait sessions with paying customers. I've never had any interest in portrait photography. That takes a lot of skill and natural talent. I've seen many scrapbookers who are insane portrait photographers that I greatly admire and learn from.
Second, I'm a still life girl. I love capturing things. Pretty things, odd things, outdoor things. I also love doing different types of photography such as Ttv and now Polaroid. The challenge is what I love most.  
Third, I am insanely passionate about photography and to me, that's more important that how many years of education it takes to actually call your self a pro photographer. I am a wishy washy person. A flake may be a better word. I'm fully aware of this not so great trait that runs deep within me. I've never been able to put my finger on what I wanted to do "when I grow up". One year it was a writer, then next an accountant. My senior year was fashion design. But photography has stuck with me. To capture a moment or object on paper....that excites me.

Man, I hope that didn't come off as defensive because it's so not meant to be. I just wanted to put that out there since I now sell some of my prints. It also further explains why I heart Flickr so much. It's a whole site dedicated to people who have a passion for photography...from the little guy with the toy camera to the big guy with every bell and whistle there is to have in digital photography. We all have something in common and that's our love for capturing.

Ok, winners.
First up from Friday's post is...........KateB!
Second is.............Patty!
Ladies, email me with your addy's please.
I'll be doing another print give away towards the end of the week AND those of you who have posted already, I'm counting you in for the next give away because that's how I roll.

Happy Monday,