a week of favorites continued. keep calm and carry on.

Screenprint by SFGIRLBYBAY on the top of my wishlist.

I really need to invest in that gem of a poster and I need to have one at the office and at home. Wonder if I could turn that into a personalized license plate? kpclmcryon.
Just feeling overly annoyed today. I feel as though I'm swimming against a current of insensitive people and a-holes. I wonder if karma is being thrown at me and what I did to to piss her off.

Bad karma starts with a phone conversation last night and is continuing on through today. I thought a trip to the bookstore would help. Browsing through aisles of books and thumbing through overly priced magazines usually calms me but after hearing a disabled worker being scolded by who I assume is his manager, further adds to my annoyance. I see this kid every week. He dusts the shelves and always looks up to smile and say hello. I hate that this woman is so irritated with him and feels the need to scold him in front of customers. She leaves and I walk by him. He looks up and smiles. At this point I'm annoyed with myself for not saying anything to said manager. I know some people who work with getting these disabled kids jobs. They'll be hearing from me. No one deserves to be talked to like that.

Still searching for some calming comfort during my lunch hour. I head to cafe del mundo for a latte. It's delicious but still not helping my mood. The wind is bitter cold. I wonder why I even bothered brushing my hair. My next stop is New Sagaya for spicy chicken curry and chocolate. Not just any chocolate. Days like this call for Cadbury. Again, delicious and slightly comforting but I'm still easily annoyed. I bark at the accountant who always feels the need to stick her head in my office to see what I'm eating for lunch.

Really, I'm most annoyed with myself. Maybe this is more than bad karma. Maybe it's a test, a challenge. Why do I let such things tug at my every nerve? This is just a small hill I need to GET OVER. And I know that with the holidays, I'm not the only one who is annoyed with simple things. We're all busy, rushing around town to get things done. Arranging family gatherings, calculating the cost of gifts and wondering how you're already over budget, eating every sugar cookie insight.

I cannot wait to do the most comforting thing, the only thing that will make this day 100% better. Going home, getting out of my work clothes, turning on the Christmas tree lights and kicking back with J and the dogs.

Here's for a better tomorrow,