a week of favorites continued. my list to santa.

ah...feeling much, much better and I'm actually getting a jump start on tomorrow's....er today's post. I'm so post happy right now. I may keep up with this post a day....why not.

Here are some things that I hope will be under my tree on Christmas. I've been fairly good this year. I'm starting to donate more and never let a sneeze go unblessed.

Not sure if I've been good enough to receive this though.
1. camera man and hassy by http://www.flickr.com/photos/daffie/.
2.first camer by mikki**
I would love love love to be an owner of a Hasselblad.

So very frivolous but come on...cashmere leg warmers! Found one a favorite blog, Bliss.
I would like the boots as well.

Yes, I want James Mcavoy under my tree.

I really need a better lens on my cannon. I've heard really good things about this guy.

Other things I could always use and would love:
Polaroid Film
Vintage Cameras

I'm simple. Ultimately I love anything anyone has ever gifted me with the exception of a toaster J got me one year. Yes, we needed one but does that really count as a Christmas gift? :)