hiphiphooray for monday!

what? me...slightly overjoyed on a monday? it's a bizarre feeling I tell ya.
here why....

1. Being featured on the super blog, a cup of jo. Thank you Thank you Thank you. :)
2. Last nights episode of the Office. Maybe they should consider moving that show to Sunday nights. I find it's a great way to kick off the week.
3. That one Career Builder commercial with the cute koala getting punched. I can relate to everything up to the guy in the blue speedos.
4. The wool peacoat I wanted forever but never purchased that I found on the clearance rack today. Last one, my size, discount on top of a discount. Love. I have not shame. I will wear my clearance rack coat proudly.
5. The tasty apple goat cheese salad I'm eating for lunch. *pause for a bite*
6. Knowing that my treadmill is back from his 2 month sabbatical. So are my running shoes. They're eager to get back to work starting today. *must update ipod*


What's got you going on this fine day?
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