oh, hey monday...I didn't see you there.

my weekend went as planned and that was because most of it was unplanned.
drove around a bit on saturday morning and hit a few garage sales. spent a whole $1 on a vase.
opened all the windows in the house, the warm fresh breeze was invigorating.
transplanted some of seedlings. can't believe I have't killed them.
babysat my nephew who wasn't feeling well but was still his happy self. amazing kid.
had bbq and enjoyed the most delicious corn of the cob. light on the butter, heavy on the salt.
watch an oldie, Me, Myself and Irene. forgot how funny certain scenes were.
enjoyed a busy but relaxing sunday all to myself.
took old dog to the park and found this random rock stack.
also made coffee stop because my home brewed coffee was a little off.
went to war with laundry and won.
sat in the sun and ate breakfast. currently on an eggs benedict kick. not so great on the waist.
the smell of bounty and fresh air in my bedroom made for the best nights sleep.

kicked off 'roid week.

and even though monday came too quickly, it brought the sun again and for that I am grateful.
happy monday.