I just gained 8lbs for not fowarding you and 7 others that email.

I seriously can't stand these emails I get from a certain coworker. They drive me INSANE. I don't mind a few forwards here and there but enough with the grumpy Maxine 'toons, the precious moments (blegh) crap and the oh be happy because I sent you this email with the sh*ttiest sparkly graphics. Yet this woman constantly complains about being overwhelmed with work. shyeah right.

ok, my rant for the day.
going forward...my weekend was relaxing and fabulous.
mothers day was good, certainly unlike the past several years spent in a crappy, boohoo for me mood. If any one should be in a crappy mood on mothers day, it should be my mom. 'nuf said.
visited with the inlaws saturday and now realize how much my mother in law keeps up with my blog....hello linda.
j also endured a good bit of sunburn. poor guy. google farmers tan...you'll spot a photo of my husband. 
sunday was spent in my backyard. i now understand why people garden and take so much pride in their work. even though we've live in our home for a good 6 or 7 years, this is the first time I've actually gardened.  I was really inspired by this book:

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I'm ashamed to admit I haven't really embraced the whole organic lifestyle but I'm taking baby steps. I do want to recycle more and I've accomplished that so far with my gardening. I haven't spent a dime on containers and finally found a use for all the wood wine cases I've picked up from garage sales in the past umpteen years. They look great but now I need more. Wonder if I could ask the liquor warehouse? I'll give it a try or maybe head to the salvage place. Not fully sure if I'm ready to do the compost thing, especially with our bear problems. Seems like it would just be an open invitation for them.

Didn't get a chance to watch the buttons movie but I will soon from the reviews I've gotten. It's so hard to stay inside and watch movies when the weathers so nice. I'll have to wait for a rainy day for that one.

that's that.
tina ;)