a smear and lox kind of day.

today I hit the ground running. issues as soon as I walk through the office door. I love/hate mornings that start out this way. love because I know the day will fly by. hate because of all the demands...everyone needing things right this very moment when if they took care of their own issue weeks ago, it wouldn't be such a rush today. but this is my strong point with my position. I'm a problem solver. Solve, move one.
opted to pick up breakfast for everyone at a local bagel joint. craving smear and lox like crazy...something I eat maybe once or twice a year. a little stinky but totally worth it. I'm a much happier Tina when my belly is full.
Dare #138was a fun one this week. unfortunately the light cyan and yellow ink were out in my printer so I wasn't able to scrap it. instead I did a little faux typewriter work on a polaroid my sweet hubs took of me yesterday.
All about your signature style. What's your go to item?
Next week I'm going to start a bit of formatting to my blog. I've mentioned this before about taking advantage of my piece of the world wide web. Monday is blog love day. Thursday is retail therapy day. This is an effort for me to blog more and sort of organize and share the things I've come across. I'll probably fill the other days with pictures and short entries. We'll see. :)
I'm also working on branching out with my prints. You'll see some things like journals, postcards and other items I'm trying to work out.


well folks, hope you all have the most superb weekend. I certainly will, as always. :)