nothing like a little motorhead, young jeezy and rick ross to start my monday morning.

The mixed cd Jeff made for me solidifies the fact that he and I were meant to be.
The said mix are all songs that are basically inside jokes to us but I like the mix of metal and rap. Good way to start my morning...some ace of spades followed by "everyday I'm hustlin"...yeah..I'm ready to get this morning started.

The weekend went by way too fast but I made sure I enjoyed every minute. And I know I said I would dedicate mondays to a blog I love but I'm moving that to another day. Monday's are now dedicated to weekend love.

Saturday started at the greenhouse, again. It's addicting..buying plants..and I feel like there's never enough. Now we're making plans to make our backyard into more of a hangout. After the greenhouse, we headed to the market. Good people watching there.
Ak market

So I think I made the mistake of picking out a bad plantbecause I later noticed little aphids flying out it when I was transferring it over to a bigger pot. Super. Now there's little webs crossing over to my other plants. I'm trying the soap water mixture that was suggested to me on the SC message board. Hopefully that'll do the trick. Any other suggestions?

I've got to get crackin on my June layouts. Ofcourse I get hit with creative mojo a week before our deadline. Off to scrap!