almost famous.

movies watched in the past week:

Ben Buttons...good movie. thanks to those who recommended it. was certainly long and a unique story. There were some beautiful scene, ones I would of loved to see as a still.
Ramen Girl...why I ended up with this movie, I do not know. renters remorse.
New to Town...this where my post title relates to my actual post. I was asked to submit a few layouts to be featured in the dvd since the movie is somewhat scrapbook related. I have to say I was partly excited but had a feeling it wasn't a for sure thing. And it wasn't. None of my layouts made it to the special feature section but I was really excited to point out the layouts I did recognize to my somewhat attentive husband. The movie wasn't all bad but it also wasn't great. Just your run of mill cutesy romantic.
Mall Cop...ok. I'm really not a fan of holidayish movies during the summer. '

it's been cold and rainy with sporadic sunny moments. perfect time to catch up on some movie time. wasn't successful on the laundry front but at least I've got clean clothes for work tomorrow. just finished watching the season finale of the Hills. It's funny how much I avoid drama in my personal life yet so fascinated to watch it somewhat scripted on MTV. continued monday morning.
I started this one on Sunday night but Typepad makes my computer freeze up. Not sure why but it's getting frustrating. I should look into the problem since I'm paying for this sucker and I'm not looking to change blogs again.

so onto more important things other than tv.
today will be day one of clomid. half excited, half worried. wondering if I should document my journey here or keep it personal in my trusty moleskin journal. we'll see.

leaving off with a few photos.
first, Studio Calico June...
and a mosaic of this past week...

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