food for thought.

Taking a closer look at my budget and wanting to save money for 1. a trip and 2. a new lens, I decided to cut out food and certain home magazines. I would normally buy Everyday Food, Rachel Ray's magazine (only on occasion), Better Homes and Garden, sometimes Sunset and Jamie Oliver's newest mag. Now it's just Jamie. It's a splurge at 10 bucks a pop but it's more than just the food, it's the photography. I also love the paper it's printed on...feels good to the touch. You'd think I'd just get a subscription to these magazines but I like going to the bookstore every week and getting excited about seeing the newest issue all stacked up perfectly on the shelves.

To fill my recipe void, I've been hitting up a lot of various food blogs and so not missing the clutter of all those magazine. I signed up for Everyday Food online and get a daily recipes emailed to me which often inspires that nights dinner. I noticed that all the recipes that were in those nifty booklets are right there on the website. I wonder why I've been paying for them all this time. I also check quite often but only for specific shows like Barefoot Contessa. Love both her cooking and decorating style.

I recently came across the most beautiful food blog, Sprouted Kitchen. Nothing I love more than good food and stunning photography. I'm not super healthy but I like to venture into organic good for you recipes. 

The Kitchn updates quite often during the day with lot's of recipes and photos that make my mouth water.

I recently caught a preview of the upcoming movie, Julie & Julia.
I love that we're know making movies about blogs. I googled her blog and know just by her "about me" description that I'm in love with this writer.

                               From dead-end secretarial job to a 110-pound dog and a job writing in my pajamas... this is the story of Julie 

Before the Food Network came along, I was watching old episodes of Julia Child and Yan Can you remember that guy? So funny. "if Yan can do it, so can you!" Did I ever make any of those dishes? No. I guess it's watching some one be so passionate about you can turn an x amount of ingredients into something special. Think I'll go and pick up the book...I can't wait for the movie release.