old skool.

Last weeksDare prompted me to dig up my very first scrapbook circa 1997. It's full of old photos that were massacred by decorative scissors. I also felt the need to matte everything with coordinating paper and place stickers in every empty space. Not the most stylish thing but considering the only scrapbook products I could find here in Alaska were at JoAnn fabrics and the stationary department at Fred Meyers.

070509 002 

I fondly remember making this scrapbook. I started it the year after I graduated highschool. I wanted to document all my grade school memories while they were fresh which I'm glad for now because I don't remember half of what I journaled at that time. So I guess the cut photos aren't a complete loss. I can also rescan them. I actually should scan them because I know I didn't use acid free glue.

070509 003 

070509 024 

all my journaling is a mess but it's how I wrote as a teen. lot's of exlamation points used. I had also learned to handcut letters from an artclass in jr.high. lot's of that too.

070509 004 

and here's the page I decided to re-do for my dare. it's just about this babysitting course I took that taught cpr and proper kid watching skills.

070509 012 


ah, good times.....