so giddy. love fridays...that's no secret.
excited about girls night/bachelorette party tonight.
new heels, sexy jeans, black tank...I'm so ready.
also, new dare's up. your usual hangout, a favorite spot.
here's mine.

I'm fascinated with geese. I'm excited when they come because I know summer's around the corner.
And when they take flight in their arrow pattern, I know it's fall and winter's not too far away. This park that I go to is fairly new and it's quickly becoming popular. But it's quiet when I take my lunch at 10am. Perfect spot to chill out for an hour and read or people watch.

on the second to the last of the sookie series. i'm a little bummed that I'm just about finished.
wondering what my next read will be. thinking another round of twilight?
you may be shocked to know that I actually never finished reading Eclipse. crazy, huh? being such
a twilight fan but I have this thing about endings. I don't like them, especially when it's a good book series. I thought that if I let the end hang, it wouldn't really be over. I'm such a weirdo. But I'm going to start in from the beginning and finish this time.

well...should get back to work. yes, blogging at work again. shame shame.
happy weekend. :)