girl loves labor day


first because I didn't have to work therefore, I didn't have to cuss out my alarm clock.
second, it's a perfect fall day, crisp and sunny. the air smells so wonderful.
third, it's the perfect excuse to be utterly lazy and that is a skill I am good at.
doesn't happen often as there always seems to be something to do.
no hot dogs or hamburgers on the bbq, just some bulgogi for lettuce wraps. yum.
I did manage to scrap a little, totally for myself which is something I haven't done it awhile.


Autumn love 

trying to work through some older product and bits that I've kept for the longest time.

other than being lazy, I did manage to do a little hiking for the sake of finding something to
photograph. very light hiking. I shouldn't even call it hiking really.



hooked with my SIL and SS on saturday for a much needed pedi and delicious lunch
at the Glacier Brewhouse. not a big red meat eater but this girl was craving a
medium rare steak. perfectly cooked and the calamari....ugh, I die. (yes, I've been watching
the new season of Rachel Zoe.) I did have a photo taken of the three of us but accidentally deleted
it. totally bummed me out.

that's was my holiday weekend in a nutshell. we really didn't want to go out of town since everyone
would be heading out but are planning a little day trip to Kenai next weekend. just to enjoy what little
time left we have without icy roads and cold, gloomy skies.

and now the grill is ready for my marinated beef. got to get the rice going. hope you all had a lovely weekend!