girl bids you a happy friday

I don't feel like working on anything too crucial today at the office. Fridays are usually spent cleaning out my in box, filing away emails and getting freight out the door. Everyone is in their joyful "thank goodness it's friday" moods. My coffee is nice and strong and my music is blasting to drown out the receptionists easy listening station.
Things are good. Why is my outlook on life always so positive at the end of the week?
Guess things are just that way when you're a creative working a very non-creative job. But let's not get into the job convo. Not today.
Now onto girl loves.

Etsy artist: Pixie Petals
3930905924_ae7caf4d3e_o(dare 147: weakness

She's kindly sponsoring a little give away of her fabulously crocheted cuteness. Please leave me a comment on your favorite fall whatever and I'll choose a winner on Tuesday. Check out her shop...she's got some great Halloween Pixie Petals.

garance dore's drawings.
Ex2(photo from the garance blog)
I desperately want one of those t-shirts.


3928297200_4ee9ab1a5a_b(lensbaby + canon xti)
purchased on line. crazy right? I actually had to order acorns while everyone in the lower 48 has them
all over their front yards.

also loving the sunshine streaming through my office window
little visitors (a coworkers grand-daughter)
an influx of good ideas
coming home and seeing hubby doing dishes

Don't forget! Leave me a comment for the Pixie Petals give-away.
I'm also having a shop update Monday, the 21st. New prints for the fall season!
Have a yourself a splendid weekend,