girl loves friday.

what a week.
I'm sure glad it's over. Love an extended holiday weekend but it makes for a busy work week.
On to what this girl is loving right this very moment.

Furry monstrous creatures.
I would have loved, absolutely loved being the photographer on this set. The light and muted tones look insanely beautiful. I hate to fall into the hype about this loved/hated children's book turned uber cool directed Spike Jones movie but I do really want to see it on the big screen. My heart pitter patters everytime I see the previews. Now if I could convince my dear husband to take me. :)

Knit something. 
my fingers are itching to knit something and this would be it.

(photo from
pie making is daunting to me but these little cuties seem easy to make. I'd probably omit the sticks and make them as little cookies....I may have to do these for our holiday cookie swap at the office. or just to munch on while I catch up grey's via online and scrap.

melissa loves me!
I'm giving away one of my fall inspired polaroid prints on her oh so beautiful blog. Check it.

calendars are at the printers! they should be in the shop by the end of next week. I'm so very first polaroid calendar!

(polaroid sx 70)

happy friday!