girl is MacGyver of baking.

Our first snowfall! It's pretty. I would so much rather be at home to admire it rather than being here at work.
My post title refers to my little baking fiasco over the weekend. My father came to visit from the valley and I didn't want him to leave empty handed. I had recently come across this recipe. I'm always on the look out for recipes that have bananas as I always seem to have speckled naners on the counter.
I scanned the recipe ingredients and thought I had everything.
Mixed dry ingredients, set aside. Start in on the wet when I realize all the peanut butter had been used by my husband's pb&j addiction the week before. Also, no chocolate chips which I also thought I had. Nope, they had been eaten as well by said husband. Oats? no oats. I just remembered I threw those away because it had gone outdated. Great. Ok, time to improvise. I had Nutella. Thought that could replace not only the peanut butter but the chocolate. I had 3 small packets of regular instant oatmeal. Ok, I thought, this could work.
It wasn't my best baking masterpiece. 
It needed something more so I added some cream cheese frosting. That always makes everything taste better and it did somewhat. Again, not my best. Certainly not as good as the pumpkin cupcakes I made several weeks ago. So yes, I consider myself the Macyver of baking. Just doesn't always end up so positively.
Oh yeah, I was also out of cupcake liners so I had to dig up some Christmas one's.

Other than that, my weekend was great. We didn't get the sunshine we wanted but I had enough light to get some indoor shots.
Dinner was so good. Jeff had made reservations beforehand and mentioned it was out anniversary. We came up to our table and it was decorated in rose petals. An "aaww" moment. Even the chef came out to wish us a happy anniversary which was nice. My filet mignon was cooked to perfection. I'm funny about beef. If it's too chewy, I get turned off but my filet was like butter. delish. My absolute fav is the crab and artichoke dip. uuuhhh..I could eat it by the spoonful. girl had no shame polishing that off.
(date 50mm 1.4, manual)
I put a few of my calendars up over the weekend and they went quickly which was a pleasant surprise. I'll have more up through out the week. I'm working on some Holiday goods. Hopefully I'll have those up in the shop by the end of the week.

happy monday!