girl hates a downer and oh yeah...loves friday.

leave it to office poopoo head to try and break me down on this glorious friday.
not happening lady. not today.
I'm sure her fowl mood is related to something personal so I shall not take her ignoring my "good morning" greeting personally myself.

finally caught up on my Hills/City fix last night after the NBC line up.
my thoughts.
**really Audrina? you surely making everyone believe you're a masochist. Is JustinBobby worth making you look so pitiful on national tv? and does anyone every make eye contact with each other anymore?
**can Kristen find a man minus the baggage? I'm "Kristen neutral". never hated or liked her but I do have to give it up to her for sticking up for herself when the Playboy Posse came around.
**Heidi is annoying me to no end on the babymaking. No fan of Spenc but this is a sure fire way of pushing away you new husband. I'm sure this is just one big ratings hoax anyhow.
**Roxy is another annoyance. I appreciate her zest for life...we all need friends like that. I surely have one of my own but if she ever got me in trouble with my job we would have words. and she was the one who left Whit and that's just wrong. You don't ever leave your girl in some random bar/club. She broke girl code.
**I'm a Kelly fan. I know, she's not the friendliest and most would think she's the boss from hell but I would actually like to work for some one like that. She would keep me motivated and I'm sure she takes care of those who prove themselves worthy.
**Olivia...poor Olivia. I felt bad that Erin got chewed out for not being a team player but she deserved it. Olivia needs to step up as well. I mean, she basically walked into a job at Elle. I don't care if you're a rich socialite. If you have a job, do it and do it well. How many other girls would kill for that position?

onto girl loves.

Not because Kayne says so but man she is fierce. Old news, but I loved her performance on the MTV awards. What I really love about her is that she's so fierce, she's willing to share the spotlight with a couple of dozen hot dancers and still shines. Most divas have male dancers. Beyonce doesn't need 'em.

I stopped in yesterday and picked up a bottle of Butter nail polish in the steal gray I was hunted down forever. Also purchased the prettiest dusty lavender blouse that I'm wearing today and love. Will have to photo when I get home from work.
Wish I had photos to share from this store. It's serious eye candy, so well designed. I'm happy to see boutiques like this here in Anchorage. It's about time. Now only if I could get the store owner to let me photograph her store.

clever sandwiches.
(photo from Sunday Suppers blog)
I'm so intrigued by the names. 

This quote from this blog post.

This little girls room.
(photo from the JAC blog)
check out the blog for the full photo shoot. it's just so precious.

35mm film.
 ( Pentax Honeywell 35mm, Kodak Gold 400)
Got my film back and it works! Now to find better, lower ISO film)

and some random polas from the week...

calendars are still for sale! don't miss out, I'll only have a limited amount this year.

ah day is half way over. 
plans for tonight? home, nap, pizza, scraps.

happy friday!