girl loves friday.

currently sipping my delicious beverage which, you guessed it...starbucks.
peppermint mochas are irresistible to me right now. first love of the day.
the office is buzzing with anticipation of tonights Christmas party.
should be fun. I'll be photographing and offered to take some portraits of those who would like a nice photo of themselves since we're all prettied up. I ended up getting an, I guess, an affordable flash. $140 bucks. jeez. the lady did show me one that was over $300 and I'm thinking, um...this is company office party. If I were getting paid to do weddings then yes, I would gladly pay that amount. Plus I hate flash photography and avoid it all costs. Keep your fingers crossed for me. This will be my first time photographing an event other than a still life set up in my home.

what else is on my love list today?

my holiday ensemble.
I tend to lean towards dresses that are equal parts conservative, trendy and flirty.
This is what I ended up getting.

it doesn't look as baggy on me, could be that I'm not 6 feet tall and thin as a stick.
It hugs my curves very nicely and is shorter than I'm use to but that evens out the top being so conservative. Add big earrings and red lips and I'm ready to get my holiday party on.

Have not been into food lately. Sounds silly but I crave liquids right now. Besides peppermint mochas, I'm addicted to apple cider with fresh whipped cream and orange julius.
Is it me or do beverages taste better when they're being sipped from a cute mug?

a comforting scrapbook line.
Home Front Giveaway
The Studio Calico Home Front gallery is looking fabulous.  

lunch time for me! off to get some more christmas shopping.
happy weekend!