girl loves friday.

where to begin?

let's start with the company holiday party I gleefully attended last weekend.
let's say that it ended up being an eventful night.
let's also say that some should not drink if they cannot behave themselves.
let me also add that many did the walk of shame monday morning.
I'll leave it at that.
oh and if you're wondering, there was no shame walking done by myself. I was on my best behavior.
It's a company Christmas party, not the local downtown hot spot. Some should have known better.

Picture taking wasn't a hit. I hate flash units. I did manage to get a few nice shots in without said flash unit. Those will remain private as I do not think it's proper to post photos of people without them knowing. I also wish I would have worn a different dress. We all ended up wearing little black dresses which is no fun. **note to self. next year be bold. wear color.

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping. I'm happy to report I'm just about done. My deadline is the 11th. That way I can just kick back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season and not stress myself out by combat shopping.

****the post above has been in my draft box for the past week. let's move onto current events.

today's love is simple.
this girl loves friday.
it's been an exhausting week at work. so many have decided to take vacation during our most busiest season which is fine but makes for a heavy workload. 
the thick fog that has blanketed Anchorage for the past week has not improved my exhaustion.
Will we ever see the sun? I'm getting paler than a vampire who hasn't feasted in awhile.
thinking of hitting a tanning salon. gasp. I know, tacky but I need to feel some kind of warmth.
I do have other loves but I'm going to do a little swithceroo and post those on monday after I've had some rest and a little creative let go over the weekend.
Signing off with some photos.
Happy weekend!
(a quick tutorial up on the SC blog
(not a happy camper)
(comforting christmas bokeh)