tis the season

I've settle into my favorite red chair, wrapped in a blanket (no, it's not a snuggie although I wish I had one right about now) and watching The Family Stone.
Love this movie, one of my holiday favs. Dad's taking family photos with a Hass? Why have I never noticed that before?
Anyway, since I can't watch a movie and not do something else, I'm playing a little catch up on my favorite blogs and photos on Flickr. Still seriously considering the baby portrait thing. The idea of quitting my full time job as an office drone makes me happy. Like the kind of happiness I dream of.
How sane is it to quit a job with health benefits in this economy? Or am I just using the economy as an excuse to not go after a dream? I've wanted to do and be many things since I was a child and they all involved creative freedom. There will be no quitting of jobs just yet. I'm not a fly off the seat of her pants kind of gal. I'm a habitual planner. Nothing ever goes according to plan or maybe on that rare occasion it does but I still need plan or a guideline or a map of sorts. Something that points in some kind of direction.
don't mean to bore you with my random "girl questions job...again" spiel. 
let's leave off with some things that inspire me.

a photographers wedding.
photographers stance is a beautiful gown. j'adore.

this quote.
this illustration.

those little tidbits make me so happy. so does luke wilson's character.

happy sunday and a few more photos from me. :)

121909 039
(boohoo, a broken vintage ornament)
Don't forget about my holiday special this week! See below for details.