oh boy.

I am so utterly distracted right now it's not even funny.
I cannot seem to concentrate on any one thing.
I cannot seem to finish writing emails that are piling up in my draft box.
I cannot finish a blog post.
I cannot finish any scrap layouts or projects.
I cannot concentrate on my work and my in box is quickly piling up.
I just can't.

Not that anything major or bad has happened to make me feel this way.
Just the norm...will I ever get pregnant? Should we adopt? Should I invest in my future as a photographer? Should I find another job? Will I ever rip up the nasty carpet and install new flooring? When will we remodel the bathroom? Will the bank refinance my car? Should I get a new car?
This is just a handful of subjects swimming in my aching head. Oh yeah, I woke up with a migraine. Again.

What I can and will do is...
..not apologize for neglecting my blog or emails.
..take 2 Aleve and pray that throbbing settles down.
..clean my scraproom and print out all the pretty pictures I have taken over Christmas.
..quit making excuses.
..put away the laundry hanging from my treadmill and briskly walk for 45mins.
..stop worrying about money but still be mindful of what we spend.
..cut back on Starbucks.
..always be hopeful.
..always be honest.
..take chances.
..invest in me.