girl loves friday.

4321398660_c810bcb62a_b    (self portrait, Canon XTi 50mm 1.4, Mayflower Hotel, Seattle)

It's funny how a simple vacation away from normalcy turns a girl into a lighter brighter human being.
Things tend to roll off my back a little easier. Things that would normally make steam shoot out of my ears. Maybe I'll turn back into a grumpy office worker again in a few weeks but I never liked that person so my only solution is to take more mini-breaks.

In efforts to save for said mini trips, I have cut down my Starbucks spending spree to once a week and even then I don't get the $5 latte. I opt for the less expensive brewed coffee which I actually enjoy more. I'm also tired of spending $10 a day for lunch. Seriously, $10 for a freakin salad?! Why it's taken me this long to realize that is a ridiculous amount for lettuce is beyond me but I'm starting to see the light. Ultimately I chalk it up to laziness. 

My use to be once a week retail therapy sessions had turned into a daily occurrence. I really don't even need to do it once a week. I'm cured! The only kind of therapy that guarantees to work are mini breaks away. Shopping is only a temporary fix and I'm so tired of having all this stuff in my house. I remember when we first moved in, it was so bare and empty. Now it's filled with odds and ends that we do not need. I'm sure this stuff will find a better home. That is what I will be doing this weekend. Purging like there's no tomorrow.

Traveling with one suitcase and camera made me incredibly happy. It made me realize I didn't need all those materialistic things. Doesn't mean I will completely give up shopping. I'm just done with impulse shopping.

So what does this girl love today?
My new Canon 5D Mark II. Yes, this guy was delivered to my doorstop yesterday and man, is he a handsome fella. Those of you who are waiting for their freebie photo shoot will hear from me soon.
Dare 157

many bobo's(kisses) from my niece and nephew after being away from them for a few weeks. 
Crunch roll from Dish. I should have ordered 2.
teeny tiny banners.
4321400598_5a49030a48_b  (American Craft Dear Lizzy booth)
 Haribo gummy bears. 
 Photographers who share their secrets.
Coolest business card ever.

Many more loves but the most is just being clear minded and in the present.
Happy Weekend everyone!