girl leaves heart in Seattle.


I had pondered the thought of taking a side trip to Seattle on my way back from CHA.
I decided against it as I wasn't keen on the idea of wondering around by myself.
But as I was crunched between 2 other passengers on a full flight to Seattle, I thought, what the hell.
1. I'm not ready to go home yet.
2. I'm here, why not stay a few days.
I immediately got off the plane and headed to the very kind lady behind the AK Air kiosk and changed my flight back home and kept my fingers crossed that I was able to get the one piece of luggage I had checked off the flight to Alaska.
I was fully prepared to do without it but thank the travel gods....they managed to get my luggage off the flight.
Took a cab downtown, checked in to the Mayflower, showered off the ucky plane germs, ordered room service, snuggled in bed and called my sweetie. Wished he could have been there with me. We always have so much fun when we're in Seattle and to this day we throw around the idea of moving there. Of course we've been talking about it for years now.
Why do I love Seattle so much?
There are too many reasons but the biggest one is that I just feel like I'm home.
As much as I like living in Anchorage, I've never feel settled.
To this day, the home that I've been living in for almost 10 years is still not really decorated.
I always feel ready to pick up and leave. This surely stems from growing up a military brat and relocating every few years.
The sole factor that makes me stay up here is family. Not only because my father and in laws are up here but if I were to ever get pregnant, I would want to raise my child here. I would want my child to grow up with his or her grandparents because he or she deserves that. I was blessed to be close enough to my grandparents as a child and I will forever be grateful for that. 
So here I am again, planning for an unknown future.
Oh, before I post photos from my trip, I have to gloat a little bit. Several months ago, I received an email from the editor of Artful Blogging. I was stunned that I would be featured in this very beautifully put together publication. I was super nervous about actually writing my own article but I wrote it like a blog entry so hopefully those who read it will enjoy it and not bash my writing style if I do have a writing style.
You can a copy at your local bookstore. I know our Barnes & Noble and Borders carries it.
CVR_BLG0210_xlg I made the cover! 
now for seattle sites.
4338294872_d3982f1e78_b and she's off!
first stop, Pikes Place for breakfast. I love eating Lowells. It's exactly what breakfast should and GOOD.
4323649849_cc68cb0da5_o tulips were everywhere!
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the end.
(all photos taken with Canon Xti and Polaroid SX 70)
happy wednesday!