girl needed a break. (friday's post turns into monday's.)

Haven't been around much.
Really just needed a break from certain things. Seems to be a theme amongst other bloggers.
It's necessary.

Let's see if I can round up some loves for this Friday Monday.

First, I wasn't going to partake in the a week in the life fun because 1) my house is a mess and I'm not about to post photos of me in it doing random things. 2) i've been extremely tired and lazy and unmotivated.
There is a reason for my complete laziness.

Mosaic97068e03813f9edbbe6ce4c3f67968c8c00ccc871. <a href="">Don'tworry, be happy!, 2. <a href="">BigBrother, 3. <a href="">OopsI did it again :), 4. <a href="">...decisions...>

(so lazy, I couldn't even put up my own positive pregnancy test photo. these are all from flickr)
Yep, finally.
After 4 years of off again, on again trying, a lot of hope, prayers and tears, we are finally pregnant.
My last St Patty's day IUI was a success!
I know, can you believe it?! At first it didn't seem real. How many pregnancy tests have I taken and seen the negative sign? How was I to believe this test now? But the signs were there. I was tired, nauseas, missed period. After 2 blood tests and having my numbers jump over the weekend, it was confirmed.
I found out on Good Friday. I told my parents on Easter Sunday. It was a joyous occasion.
Today I am exactly 7w3d. We had our first ultrasound this past Wednesday and saw the flicker of a heartbeat.
Our little bean.
Due December 7th.

Other than that little diddy I've been holding in, not much else to report other than me constantly eating to curb the nausea, coming to terms with the loss of our pet and finally getting some of my energy back. That means clean house! I have an overwhelming urge to clean and to scrapbook.

And I will be doing my "a week in a life" starting today because I'm extremely inspired by this sweet life.

Other loves?
This family photo session by Ryan Ray. absolutly stunning and original.

This delicious beverage from The Kitchn.

The idea of creating a writing space for a child to learn that letter writing is not a lost artfrom. Ohdeedoh blog.

hhmm...hard to think of loves on a grey Monday but here's some things I'm enjoying this morning...
*peach italian sodas. I have completely given up on coffee. I can't stand the taste. 
*a huge ass peanut butter cookie for breakfast. half a bagel before that.
*my big sweatshirt which I actually wore to work. i dressed it up a little but whatevs. it's a casual office.
*this holiday

more to come tomorrow. 
happy monday!