girl loves friday.

So my "week in the life" was mostly taken by my IPhone. A lot of times I would forget I was documenting my week so I really don't have much to show. Plus my life, right now revolves around the office, food and sleeping. There's really not much else going on in our household.

A typical weekday goes something like this:

4:40 alarm goes off, hit snooze.
4:50 alarm goes off, hit snooze again.
5:00 alarm goes off. Slowly get up out of bed while moaning and groaning.
Turn on the news.
Go downstairs and make and Eggo waffle. I got tired of saltines and dry cereal.
Morning cup of coffee is now a morning cup of juice, preferably apple.
Make up, run a brush through my hair, wet down my bangs and blow dry.
Try to find something decent to wear to work.
Kiss the pup and J goodbye.
5:35 out the door, sometimes I stop by the grocery store to pick up more food to eat throughout the day.
6:00 arrive at the office, get settled, check emails and in box for tasks.
7-10 boring work stuff.
10:00 lunch. I either go out and run errands or close my office door and take a nap.
11-3 more boring work stuff
3:00 I'm peeling out of the parking lot and headed home.
3:15 home. finally. let the pup out and love on him for a bit.
3:30 eat again.
4:00 sometimes I nap, sometimes I'm rubbing my belly wishing for the nausea to go away, sometimes I'm feeling well enough to do a load of laundry or make dinner but that's very rare these days.
4:45 J comes home from work, pup goes nuts.
5:00 dinner, chill, talk.
6:00 editing photos, working on backing up older photos to disks. this has been a very time consuming task.
7:00 eat a little something. shower.
8:00 I'm usually in bed forcing myself to stay up a little longer because it feels really lame to be in bed at 8.
8:30 I'm in dreamtown.

Told you. Not much excitement here. Weekends are better though.
I've got my niece staying over tonight. I'm thinking I may have her do a little scrapbooking with me. I plan on printing some pictures of her mom and dad and baby brother and have her make something for them. We'll see how the pans out. Things never really go as planned when she's staying over. :)

Girl Loves.....

Highly anticipating the return of True Blood. Highly. And I'm anxious for the new mini episodes they've been talking about.

And the new Charlaine Harris book coming out May 4th. Yay!
Japanese tape DIY. Some really awesome ideas.

Not much else for me other than a reminder about all the NSD challenges due tomorrow night. See my post below for the deets.

Thank you for all the well wishes and congrats on us finally getting pregnant. I haven't had the chance to respond or blog hop but hopefully soon. For now....I. must. nap.

Happy Friday folks!