Girl Loves Friday!!!!!'s so comforting to know that this time tomorrow I will be sleeping in and snuggling with Jeff and the pup. I'm also thinking of heading downtown for the market. I'm seriously craving those fresh mini cinnamon donuts that you get still warm from the fryer. That will be my first stop. Maybe my only since the market is geared towards tourists and I'm not needing any kind of native art or alaska sausage at the moment.

I will then be lock down in my home to finish up editing and burning the photos I took from my first wedding shoot. I have one more wedding and that will be it for me. I knew it was going to be a lot of work but you never know if you're good at something until you try. After this past shoot I feel I'm 1. not good at directing a large group of people 2. not good at the constant go, go, go. The most important aspect is that it wasn't fun and it's definitely not my type of photography. Don't get me wrong, the wedding itself was a joyful occasion and a fun one at that but actually working at a wedding was not. I also did not enjoy the neck cramp I endured a week afterwords due the heavy lens I chose to use and 3 weeks of editing. It's one thing if this was my sole profession but it's not. I work a regular job and to be quite honest, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work, especially now that I'm pregnant, is to get back in front of a computer and edit, edit, edit.

So what's my type of photography? I'm much more comfortable with newborns and individuals. I like the slower pace and the one on one interaction much much better. It suits my personality much more as well. It's so delightful to work with young ones  than a huge group of adults on a day of rushing around. I always admired those wedding photographers that take stunning photographs and now have great respect for what they do.

Onto girl loves.

So I'm starting to be on the lookout for cute baby stuff and one of the important things on my list is a cute diaper bag. I know, not really super important but I don't want to get into clothes and nursery stuff right now. The thing is, I'm having a really hard time finding one I like until I saw this one.

2010-05-10-charlie I must have it. It doesn't even look like a diaper bag and that's what I love the most. (found via Ohdeedoh)

I also want to brush up on my sewing skills so I can make a few of my own crib sheets. How inspiring is this classroom? 

I've always liked chocolate and ice cream but now I crave it daily. I've been stopping in Baskin Robbins once a week for a quart of my favorite ice cream ever, World Class Chocolate but It's getting spendy and I'm looking for other ways to satisfy my craving. I came upon this recipe and I knew this would be it.
4595785260_c519bdf87e You had me at hello.

This girls style minus the cancer stick.
a few of my favorite stamps getting the pink slip. get 'em before they're gone!PinkSlipFEB my favorite add on that includes most of my picks from CHA winter 2010. washi tape!!
E1273768945 Add2clsuptina Sneak Peeks for June's kit and add on's here

Happy Friday!