girl loves friday!

fo' shizzle.
I'm in a silly mood this morning because it is gorgeous outside. Simply gorgeous.
The sun is brightly shining, the trees and grass are getting green, and I plan on skipping out of work a few hours early.
Plus the kings are running and I know the guys are happy about that. (kings=salmon=yummy)
Nothing better than freshly caught salmon baked on the grill with some salt, pepper and few slices of lemon.
As I type this post, I look down to admire my freshly manicured nails.
Turquoise is the color, inspired by my friend.
Not sure if this is something I can fully pull off since my skin is so pale but it's fun for summer days.
Oh and let me add 2 more things to not say to not only a pregnant woman but one who has struggled to become pregnant. Granted these 2 ladies where "joking", I just didn't care for their comments.
1. "I'm sorry" (said from the snake in the grass employee)
2. "You whore" (said from the 20 something, potty mouthed employee)
I kid you not.
And because I could really care less about the opinions of these 2 women, I'm brushing it off but I thought I would give you an idea of what I'm working with.

Onto girl loves.

I'm seeing so many beautiful things from the stationary show. Wish I was there. (via Old So Beautiful Paper)
Ink + Wit stamps. so cute.
Sapling & Press. what I want our baby announcements to look like.

This quote: (via Kind Over Matter)

Studio Calico rubber stamps:
Typolayout014 Creeping my way back into creative life. More picture taking, more personal scrapbooking.
Kitchensill 51810016 
Online magazines. (just found this one and I looove. I cannot wait to share my camera with my young one)
So true for me, especially Friday nights. (can't remember where I originally found this)

happy friday!