girl loves friday and honesty.

I'm thoroughly enjoying all the honest, "real" reality's in blogland this week.
Feels good right?
I've never been one to overly exert myself for some one to like me. I often times push people away.
I'm comfortable with my surroundings and having a very small group of "real friends". It's limited I tell ya.
But I am so good with that. More taste, less filler if you catch my drift.  
My point is, I'm not here to impress anyone or to network and I appreciate blogs who share the same virtues.
I think that's why I fell in love with blog reading in the first place.
Not to say that every post needs to be gut-wrenchingly honest about our personal lives. TMI, no?

Onto girl loves...
I'm really into summer dresses right now. I feel more feminine and beautifully pregnant rather than plump.
I really really want a white eyelet dress like this one.(Satorialist)

Whitedress_9826Web uh, and those worn in chucks. heaven. 

This colorful project. (Color Me Katie)
This salad. (PW) 
I'm having huge craving for fresh, crunchy salads right now. I can't wait to try the dressing for this one. My recipe book is getting quite cluttered with printed out recipes from PW. 

That's all for me today.
Enjoy the weekend!