girl loves friday.

Iphone daily 005I feel and look way bigger than all my other pregnant acquaintances that are around this mark.
What's up with that? 
And I assure you, there's just one in there. 
Jeff made this comment last night when I was trying on my new/used maternity jeans.
Thanks dear. Iphone daily 011
I did treat myself to an awesome, relaxing pedicure yesterday after work. 
My poor feet have been so swollen this past week but at this point I refuse to give up my cute flats and wedges. Surely this will change soon.
Another week done with. Another weekend that'll fly by.
I don't mind being busy but sometimes I want things to just slow down for a bit.
So the dishes will get done instead of piling up in the sink.
So I can catch up on laundry once again.
So I can sit down and scrap the photos I've taken.
So I can just breathe.
Not really looking for pity here. We're all busy. The whole world is busy.
I get it.

onto girl loves.

seriously contemplating grey walls for the nursery. (ohdeedoh)

my goodness, that's some detailed paper cutting. i love it. will attempt myself on a layout soon. (paper crave)

this has made it's circuit around the web this week. i love the idea. you all know i'm going to have like a million photos of my newbie but this is just such a special idea. how much is that kid going love these when they're older? (Mila's Daydreams)

Giantbabyattack copy 
my father in laws massive pom pom peonies and the white cranes I snagged from our paper crane extravaganza. (photos are mine)

happy weekend friends,