got questions?

I notice that once in a while bloggers will do a "ask me anything" type of post.
I get some questions through you comments...sometimes I answer them individually, sometimes I simply forget.
A few questions from Friday's post.
Maternity wear. I only own one maternity shirt I purchased from Forever 21. Everything else was either something I already owned or purchased from jrs/womens dept. I always tend to buy looser tops so they're working out quite well at this point. The sweater I wore Friday was purchased from the jrs dept at Nordstroms last fall. Which leads me the 2nd question.
Yes, I wear light sweaters some days because the weather in Alaska hasn't been very summery what so ever. It was pretty cool out that day. Layering is key. By mid afternoon, the sweater was gone and the tank I wore underneath got me through the rest of the day.
So while the rest of the country is at the beach or staying in air conditioned quarters, we're trying to stay dry from the constant rain and annoying humidity.
Getting bigger. Thanks to all of you who left me lovely comments on my size. I think it's the constant comments from certain people that get to me. "you're so big!!" I endured this again today and the 2 people that said it got earful of my sarcasm. One being, "yes, I am pregnant. This is what happens when you harbor a child in your ever growing uterus sweetheart." I'm not kidding, every time I see these individuals which is everyday, they say this to me. Hopefully the sarcasm will clue them in.

So, ask me anything, whether it's photography related, pregnancy, scrapping, alaska living....whatevs.
I'll do my best to answer them this week.

The weekend went off with a hitch.
My very first senior portrait session was awesome. Started editing last night. I know Mom and daughter will be very pleased. Some sneaks from that session later this week.
Bridal shower was fun and full of belly laughs, tears of joy and good food.

39100_1564609755555_1244724013_1562731_8155310_n 33516_1564610755580_1244724013_1562742_7848659_n 40206_1564611155590_1244724013_1562746_56986_n Jr already getting kisses from his auntie.
And can I add that I'm always a little weary of handing of my 5D for some one else to shoot? I'm wondering to myself...did they get the shot, did they focus correctly, is it the right composition. I really need to just let go otherwise I'll never be in any photos.