q&a continued.

Selina asks:
Do you have any tips for a beginner (intimidated) SBer? And, where do you go to get inspiration/what inspires you?

hhmm...I'll let you know from my own experiences that it helped finding that certain scrapbooker for inspiration when I first became serious about scrapbooking. I think that when I did my first right out of highschool, I put it away thinking it was some what...well, just not my style. This was back in '96. I got heavily into rubberstamping, altered books and collage. I knew that I leaned more on the artistic side of crafting. A few years later, I worked at a local magazine distribution center. At the end of the week, the employees would be able to go through pallets of left over publications. I was immediately drawn to the craft section. That's when I first became familiar with scrapbooking magazines. It was Creative Keepsakes, and Memory Makers at the time. I think, if I remember correctly, it was a combination of Ali Edwards, Kelli Crowe, Jamie Waters, Maria Grace Abuzman, Jenni Bowlin, & Elsie. Those layouts were always dog-eared in these magazines. I never thought to copy or lift these layouts though. It was more about specific techniques that drew me in.
I also participated in weekly challenges like The Dares and Scrapjacked. I'm sure there are several other challenge blogs out there as well. 
Another great way for a newbie scrapper like yourself is to sign up for sketch classes. Kelly Purkey is currently holding a sketch class. The ideas are endless. I know the actual layout and placement of photos and paper can be intimidating at first. This is an ideal way to learn. 
The Studio Calico blog holds a Sunday Sketch every week as well and it's free! 
The one thing that I don't recommend is to basically lift a layout piece by piece. These sketches are meant for inspiration. The only way to discover your own unique style is to make the sketch your own. Can you lift the layout exactly and call it your own? Well, that's up to you but be a trooper and give proper credit where credit is due. Again, it's all about coming into your own as a scrapbooker. Pretty soon, it'll be easy to whip up a few layouts in a week when your new SC kit arrives. :)  

The scrapbooker I am today does not purchase magazines purely because of finances and clutter but I will thumb through them while at bookstore. I will buy graphic design books though. I get lot's of inspiration from those. Ali Edwards is still an inspiration. I love her clean lines and the way she tells a story through her scrapbooking.

Sandy asks:
1: Can you show us your creative space? Question 2: Any ideas on nursery?

Here are some photos of my dedicated creative space. I feel very fortunate to have my own little room. This is probably the cleanest it's ever been although I did forget to do a little dusting. oops.
Studio12I find it important to have some natural light in your workspace. Plus I tend to stare out the window when I get stuck on a layout. That desk is the best garage sale find of all time. I paid $75 for it. It's solid wood and has a ton of storage. I keep my essentials in those drawers. It's huge, heavy and I love it. 
The plastic set of drawers to the left is where I keep all my unmounted rubber stamps, acrylic blocks, and letter stamps and that Making Memories caddy is the best caddy I have ever owned.
Studio4 Studio3A few other garage sale finds I keep on my desk. A Longaberger basket that holds inspiration files, templates, invoices and countless pieces of papers with notes on layout ideas. I just picked up the little wooden drawers at the Salvation Army for a buck. It's perfect for my mists and paints. 
Studio11 This is my catch all for my supplies. I keep papers I want to use in future layouts, letters, rub ons...basically everything I want within arms reach. 
Studio2 my basket of unfinished mini books. 
Studio10next to my catch all shelf is this little stand where I keep a few inspiration mags and books and my dvds. (most watched...SATC series and True Blood)
Studio9 Studio8on the other side of the room is my inspiration board. it changes every so often. below is about 10 years worth of purged scrapbook supplies. this is only about half. the rest is sitting in the hallway. our garage sale will definitely be a crafters delight. 
Studio6 and the closet. I store things that I don't use very often and use this as a packing and shipping area for my prints. Studio7my some what attempt to get organized. I did purge A LOT of card stock because there are some colors I just won't use anymore. 
Studio1a few other organization attempts....I found a few wire baskets that fit my thickers and other letters. makes it easy to thumb through. 
Studio5 I keep a small wire basket on my desk that holds photos and other items to use in future SC layouts. I usually clean this out before a new kit arrives. 
I do have a general idea for our son's nursery and an inspiration board is in the works. Stay tuned. :)
Genevieve asks:
How are you enjoying doing 'real' sessions? What have you learned so far? Do you have a favourite type of session (kids, seniors, weddings, etc)? -Are you planning to continue once the little mister gets here? -What do you do about the challenges you face as a photographer in a not-always-perfect environment (meaning Alaska and its sometimes crummy weather, etc) I think that our environments are somehwhat similar, so I'd love to know!

My "real" sessions have gone well so far this summer. Definitely learning a lot about the business and about my style of photography. I know after doing 2 weddings that that is not my area of interest. But you never know until you try, right?
The senior session I just had was fun and more up my alley. I like working more one on one with younger adults and children. Newborn photography was something I was interested in learning first but all these other opportunities streamed in.
So as of now, I'll just be taking clients specifically wanting newborn and children portraits. I felt like I needed to be a jack of all trades when I first got started but now I know that's not who I am or the kind of photographer I want to be. Sometimes it's about hitting that specific market and about perfecting what you love to do.
I will continue my business after jr is born because that may be something I want to do rather than working in an office. Ultimately I would love to just do photography part time so I could spend more time being a mom but I'm not going to put that kind of pressure on myself. Girls got bills to pay.
As far as environment. Yes, that's always an issue. I had to postpone my senior session because of the down pour Anchorage has had. You just have to work around it or with it. The only thing that gets me in a pickle is that I rent my lens. Hopefully I can purchase these lenses in the future.

AGW asks:
Do you have a dedicated craft area? Any pics you wouldn't mind sharing? - What's the first thing you do when you start a LO?

Yep, see above. :)
First thing I do is take my printed photo and match it up to patterned papers. That doesn't mean I match colors but really the overall mood of the photo and what I want the layout to say. For instance, I'm currently working on a layout that features my brother with his daughter at a carnival. I want to use some pink but I don't want this to be a "girly" layout. So I'm pulling papers that have teals, greens and blacks. You'll see the final layout in the next SC reveal. :)

Thanks for your questions! I hope you were able to get to know me a little more. :)