currents and a new adventure.

listening: Golden Shoulders, Hooverphonic.
eating: just polished off a sesame bagel.
drinking: peach italian soda with cream.
wearing: maternity jeans, black tee. too tired to make an actual effort to look stylish.
feeling: unmotivated. i'll kick into gear in about an hour or two.
weather: rain, rain, rain. (this never changes)
wanting: a refill on my delicious soda. can't get enough icy cold beverages.  
needing: to fill you all in on my exciting news.
thinking: i don't know what i'm thinking really. i'm just trying to keep my eyes open.   
enjoying: the thought of eating my way through the upcoming state fair.
wondering: if I'm too old to wear jeggings.

and now for my exciting news and new adventure.
yep. I made the Paislee Press design team
I know what the majority of you are
Hence, new adventure.
I've been a fan of Paislee Press for quite some time and I'm looking forward to expanding my scrapbook skills. I'm hoping that I can inspire those who have wanted to try digital but have been intimidated, like myself. I'd be fibbing if I said I knew the ins and outs of all things digital but I'm so ready to dive in. I hope you'll hang with me while I'm on my new adventure and try digital out for yourself. I'm a paper girl first, there's no doubt about that. But I'm going to make digital work for me. I just hope the digital communtiy does not shun my efforts. :)

So, yeah....that's my exciting news. I'm curious to know how you all feel about digital. Is it something you're interested in or not at all. I know there are some devout hands on paper people and some who are digital all the way. FIll me in on your thoughts.


PS...I have not forgotten about August Break. I will post my photos later this week.