girl loves friday.

hey, what do you's friday again.
lot's of shenanigans this week, all wedding related.
think I've finally nailed down an ensemble for the big day but the dress I thought I was going to wear tonight for the rehearsal dinner is now a scotch tighter than when I had tired it on last week. hmph.
I'll make it work.
In addition to my dress being tighter, my feet are now puffing out of my favorite black pumps. Not a pretty sight but again, I'll make it work.
I suppose that's what you do when your're over the halfway mark in your pregnancy.
You make it work. Thank you for your wise advice Tim Gunn.

Onto girl loves.

One of my first jobs was an internship with the Attorney General's Office here in Anchorage. My very first office job! Not a fun one at all but are they ever? Anyway, not to get off topic here but I remember a particular legal assistant who made the best peanut butter & chocolate crispy treats. I had to hurry and grab one before the attorney's gobbled them up. They were sssoooo good. I sort of forgot about them until I did my daily blog roll and came upon this: (found a cup of jo, smitten kitchen)

they look to be the same bars. this is what I'll be making Sunday afternoon and possibly sharing with my coworkers (if they're not all eaten up by Sunday night)

This particular passage from Jessica O'Brien's blog, Under Construction.

"i sometimes forget how important it is to spend time with people on different paths than your own + to make new friends. (read: natural introvert) because they expand your mind. open you up to possibilities you hadn't seen for yourself. make you reconsider your ways of doing things"

I can't even begin to explain how much this hits home for me. I am an introvert all the way. Always have been, always will be. But in the past year I have met a lot of new women who I now consider friends. Women that have opened me up to new possibilities and have definitely made me reconsider a lot of my ways.
I loved reading this on Jessica's blog.

If I ever had the opportunity ( & bucks) to take a photography course, it would be this one.
NYC in the fall + ultra creative photographers = a blown mind. (K mentioned how awesome NYC is in the fall)

lastly, here are some highlights of my August Break.

8/1:current craving.

 8/6:first preggo polaroid, 22wks

8/8:sunday stroll with dog and camera.

Ab2 Ab34 Ab4 

happy friday!