girl loves a beautiful fall friday.

IMG_0554**in my hotel room, eating my fave snack.

Holy smokes, what a week.
Just trying to play catch up with everything since returning from my quick trip to Bentonville, AR.
It went well for the most part except for the plump feet and long flight.
Glad to be back home, sleeping in my own bed, snuggled with my guys.
Jeff + Butters + Baby = better sleep
I woke up with my dog resting his head on my big ol' belly. The baby was kicking and I wondered if the pup could feel it. I'm also looking at the pup in a whole new light after reading Racing in the Rain. I haven't finished it yet but so's really good. I've teared up several times already.

I've been away from my beloved google reader so I don't have any "girl loves" for you today.

Happy weekend folks. I'll be scrapping, eating, resting, and redecorating. Any big weekend plans for you?