girl loves friday.

3938544368_373b7e0f89(an oldie but goodie from last fall. taken with a lensbaby)
is all I can really say about today and happy first of October.
Plans for the weekend? I may or may not go to the Make it Alaskan arts and crafts festival.
Not sure if I'm up to walking around a huge arena but I'm hoping that there will actually be something cool this year other than items made for tourists.
A quick family photoshoot with my brother and his family. I didn't want to rent a lens so I'm hoping I can get away with using my 50 1.4. We'll see how it pans out.
Some scrapbooking, more purging, cleaning & redecorating.
The usual weekend stuff I suppose.

At 30 weeks, I'm feeling good but tired. I'm ready to take a nap just walking up the stairs.
My belly button is almost an outie.
My feet are not too bad but my hands have swelled a good amount. Rings will be left off for awhile.
I desperately need a massage.
Putting together baby shower invites.
Pre-registered at the hospital.
Trying to find the right pediatrician.
Dealing with other symptoms I will not divulge in this non-private post.

Onto girl loves.

This vimeo of Tara Whitney and her beautiful family. Watching this just melts my heart...not that I know her personally but this video of their photos gives me a sense of the love they share and the bond that they hold.

This photo project. I put this in my nursery project folder.

Josh's man quilt. ah Jamaica. love that girl.

Possible baby shower cupcakes. (Bakerella)


Getting a text from my father saying he's sitting in front of Dustin Hoffman on his flight to LA. He and his wife are on their way to Tahiti. Yes, Tahiti.

Day 2: Something you love about yourself.

Now I didn't say I would do 30 consecutive days of Truths but I will do my very best. :)

I've been thinking about this one for a few days now. I really wasn't sure at first. My first response would be my Independence but I really can't do anything by myself anymore now that I'm carrying a child.
I have to say it's my faith.
I don't have a specific religion although I was baptized and grew up going to Korean Christian churches. I do not attend church weekly or ever really. But I've never given up on my beliefs or my faith in God.
I would normally stay clear of talks of religion and politics here but I don't find my faith to be a part of religion really. It's just something embedded in me. Not sure the kind of person I would be now if I didn't believe or trust that I'm being taking care of. I strongly believe we're given choices in the paths we take with a gentle nudge from the big guy. Looking back at the hard times I've dealt with, I wanted to put the blame on him and give up believing that he was with me. But I never did and now I can fully understand why I had to go through those times to get where I am today. It shaped me. Changed me. Made me the woman I am today.

Happy October first.