girl looooooves friday.

Happy...well, not happy. Just comforting to know a lot of you can relate to my last truth. I personally feel good about it. It's hard to forgive. When you've been burned, you get a little bitter and you protect yourself so it doesn't happen again. But I'm learning that you can't always protect yourself, that heartbreak and disappointment are inevitable. LIfe.....a constant learning experience. :)

Onto girl loves.

This photos just cracks me up. (found on Maternal Lens)

oh yeah....bread. I do love a fresh loaf of crusty bread dipped in good olive oil with fresh cracked black pepper. (found on Snippet and Ink)

alternative toys for the little mr. (found on OhDeeDoh


Day five: Something you hope to do in your life.

Too many things on the hope list.
Crossed off the biggest one in March when I found out on Good Friday that we were pregnant after several years of trying. Hope is a constant.
If I had to choose one now and one that is most important, it would have to be being the best parent I can possibly be to my son. Granted, there will be mistakes made. I will be a new mom and can only read so many books and take in so much advise from other moms. Again, it'll all be a learning experience. I can only hope that being an older mom will lend to my patience and understanding that I cannot control and do everything myself.

Happy Friday friends. Enjoy the holiday weekend! And if you're an Alaskan, don't spend you PFD all in one place!