(check out those fingers! I was not kidding you when I referred to them as sausages) 

It's that time of the week again!
And I am beyond thrilled because I am indulging in a pregnancy massage right after work.
It feels like an indulgence but it's so needed.
I've been too busy to really get in the Halloween mood but after last nights line up on NBC, I'm so ready.
Can't wait to see all the trick or treaters dressed up this year. I'm going to try and squeeze into my Merlotte's tee minus the blond wig and short shorts.


onto girl loves.

Felt. I use to collect and make things with felt. Seeing these colors makes me want to get back into it. This image is also a jump off point to a layout I'm working on.
(Etsy: Giant Dwarf)

This print which I stand by.
(Etsy: Kantan Designs)
I just think this is just too sweet.
(Blog: Snippet & Ink, Photographer: W. Scott Chester so in love with his website design)

happy weekend to you all.

ps...will pick back up on my truths next week.