random secret revealed.

"I don't mind the weather. I've got scarves and caps and sweaters"
Sometimes all I need is a little Death Cab.

What's happening this fine Tuesday in A-town?
And you know what? I'm ok with that.
You'd usually get a drawn out whine from me but the snow is very welcoming.
Down right beautiful I must say.
Why am I so chipper about it?
Well...I've been chipper about a lot this year.
It's pretty obvious why.
The only thing I can complain about is that is slows me down even more.
I've got to watch my step because I've become quite clumsy these days.
I'm a little winded after brushing snow off my car.
And now that I'm driving with a large basketball like belly, I'm a little...a lot more careful.
Where as I use to just rally my little studded civic.
Probably shouldn't admit that here.
Which brings me to my newest blog edition.
Random Tuesday Secret.
Which again is a play on the whole Truths thing. I find it fun and liberating to admit all of these things here.

I secretly want to be a rally car driver.
Crazy, no?
Not just a race car driver but one who drives on rough roads, through a wooded course.
I also have expressed to Jeff that I want to race my civic in the Fur Rondy ice race.
Because I actaully like the feeling of drifting my car through an icy turn.
Would you have ever guessed that about me?
I don't think anyone would.
That's my random secret.

Care to admit something you have tucked away in your secrets file today? Come on...doesn't have to be a deep dark secret. Just keep it light. I guarantee, you'll feel quite liberated.