girl becomes a mother.

What a week.
I was sure I would be able to jump online and let the world know my son was born but there would be none of that. I didn't bring a laptop with me and with the numerous nurses, doctors and visitors entering my room by the hour, I simply did not have time.
But here he is. A few hours old in the photo above, now 10 days old and handsome as a can be.
Things are going well at home. Some days are better than others or I should say some nights. He's a little night owl like his daddy. 

I feel so blessed. Even in my state of exhaustion....I couldn't be happier.
All doubts or fears I have expressed here in the past about being a mother seemed to disappear the moment Tyler was born. 
I felt confident caring for him. He quickly latched on and took me in with his big eyes.
I am completely consumed by him.
His warmth and total trust in me is almost overwhelming. 

This motherhood thing.
I'm in it for life and it's all so very good.