girl loves friday.

Getting organized is up there with dieting/healthy eating.
It's one of those resolutions that fails even beforer it begins, for me at least.
Dieting is so not on my list this year being that I'm currently eating french toast I made out of leftover croissants from Costco. It's especially good because the boy is sound asleep and I can actually eat using both hands.  

One resolution that I want to keep is stated above.
Do something creative everyday.
I first thought that this was one of those sure to fail resolutions but it really is a lot more simple than it seems.
Being creative does not mean I need scrapbook everyday or make something tangible.
Playing around with some of the items I had on my desk and styling them for a photo was creative.
Journaling my son's birth story was creative.
Re-decorating our mantle was creative. 
Even if I take 5 minutes out of my diaper changing filled days to do something creative, I will continue to grow & evolve.